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Glymed Plus

Diamond Bright Skin Lightener

Diamond Bright Skin Lightener

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Diamond Bright Skin Lightener reduces pigmentation and brightens the skin through cutting edge technology, evening out skin tone and dark spots for a younger and brighter-looking complexion. Diamond Bright controls UV-induced pigmentation through advanced drone technology and only targets damaged melanocytes. Hyperpigmentation is no match for this brightening serum, performing outstanding result while being safe enough for even expecting mothers.

  • Can this be used on clients with skin of color?
  • Yes! The Lightening Drone Technology will only target the damaged melanocytes to lighten and brighten pigment spots without affecting the surrounding skin. This product is necessary before and after care from a chemical peel.
  • What is Lightening Drone Technology?
  • Lightening Drone Technology is formulated with peptides and other powerful ingredients to specifically target overactive melanocytes while reducing pigmentation.
  • Will this product cause sun sensitivity?
  • Yes, there are several citrus fruit extracts used in the product that can cause sun sensitivity. We recommend the use of a GlyMed Plus broad-spectrum sunscreen while using this product.
  • Is this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms?
  • Yes, this product contains natural ingredients for treating hyperpigmentation in the skin. During pregnancy our skin can be prone to pigmentation disorders due to hormones changes. Thorough treatments for correcting pigmentation should take place after breastfeeding is finished.


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