We do have package deals available for each treatments for those of you who cannot commit to membership but need advanced treatments to manage any skin concerns.

  • microneedling treatment

    E-PEN MICRONEEDLING - 90 mins $275


    E-Pen is Health Canada licensed medical grade microneedling device!

    Microneedling aka Collagen Induction Therapy treatment using a sterile serum will brighten, regenerate, and hydrate your skin. Amazing for treating acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin! 1-3 days downtime.

    *Consultation required if you are a new client

    *If patch test is needed, $50 non-refundable fee required which will go towards the actual treatment cost

    Includes: Double Cleanse, Skin Numbing, Microneedling procedure with a sterile serum, LED light therapy, Hydrating Cellulose Mask, Arnica Recovery Gel, Ice Globe Massage, High Frequency Therapy, FREE aftercare bag after EVERY SESSION!

    Add on options:

    Ultrasonic treatment +$30

    Carboxy Therapy +$30

    Biphase Regepeel +$50

  • Nano Infusion


    If you are think you need a patch test, or if I suggest booking a patch test, please book this. If you decided to go for microneedling treatment, $50 will go towards the actual treatment.

    Patch test is recommended to anyone with very dark skin (risk of hyper/hypopigmentation), sensitive skin, and if you have a history of keloid scarring.


Is microneedling painful?

No, it is virtually painless. We use 5% lidocaine Dr.Numb numbing cream and leave in on at least 30-40 minutes to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment. We don't use higher percentage numbing cream as it causes excessive swelling. Safety is the most important part in our studio.

I have sensitive skin. Can microneedling be done on my skin?

Microneedling is a safe option to treat skin conditions for sensitive skin. Also, many of the cases when clients mention that they have "sensitive skin" are typically just having "sensitized skin" due to the usage of wrong products. Using correct products & microneedling will strengthen your skin due to production of more collagen.

How many sessions do I need? How often?

It depends on the client, and microneedling is not a quick fix. Typically 3-6 session, 4-6 weeks apart to see the maximum results. After that, you might need 1-2 session/year for a touch up skin rejuvenation. It's all up to the type of skin issues, severity of the skin issues, and homecare regimen.

What are the contraindications/side effects?

Contraindications: Cold Sores, Keloid Scarring, Active Eczema, Diabetes (Uncontrolled , A1C 8<), Scleroderma, Collagen Vascular Disease, Warts, Accutane, Hepatitis, HIV, active bacterial or fungus infections, blood clotting problems, Hemophilia

Possible Side Effects: Redness, burning or tingling sensation, dryness, flaking, swelling, cold sores (if you already have it it can flare up), infection (rare, we do use alcohol + chlorehexidine wipe and all disposable products to ensure the safety)

How long is the downtime?

Downtime is 1-3 days. We use plant based growth factor serum, and aftercare kit is provided to help with the accelerated healing. Usually most of the redness & irritation subside on Day 3. It is great idea to book your appointment on Friday evening if you have weekend off.

How long does it take to see results?

Some clients see results in 4-7 days! But it takes up to 4 weeks to see the full results, and collagen production is still increasing up to 6 months to 1 year.

I have lots of active acne, should I proceed with the treatment?

No, your acne needs to be under control first before getting microneedling or strong chemical peel. Although some research shows microneedling helps with acne, and we DO perform treatment if there's only few zits, but there's chances of spreading bacteria if you have lots of active acne and we do not want to take it. You will need to treat acne through Facials, Oxygen RX and Derma Detox with proper homecare, diet and lifestyle adjustment first and then proceed with medium depth chemical peels and microneedling to further treat the scarring, texture, and pores.

What are the add-on options?

Microneedling can be combined with other treatments such as ultrasonic cleansing or dermaplaning, carboxy therapy, or biphase regepeel.

Ultrasonic Cleansing helps deep cleanse the skin before the treatment using 32khz ultrasonic to remove dead skin cells and congestions. Dermaplaning removes peach fuzz and dead skin cells using 10R surgical blade to create a smooth surface and all the serum ingredient penetrates deeper into the skin.

Carboxy Therapy helps with brightening, killing acne bacteria, and helps with textures by infusing more oxygen into the skin and it is amazing for prepping skin for microneedling. Most of the carboxy therapy available on the market is considered as "sparkling" treatment as it is not as strong and effective as KrX carboxy therapy. KrX has high PPM that is recommended for only professional/aesthetic use compare to at home sparkling masks in the market. Your skin feel spicy and redness can be seen immediately after the process but you will get the best results.

Biphase Regepeel is a great option to add if you have deep acne scarring, texture, enlarged pores, and hyperpigmentation issues. It contains 6 acids: glycolic acid, mandelic acid, lactic acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, citric acid. It has oily phase to mild the discomfort and also contain other nutrients such as resveratrol, vitamin E, vitamin F, silk proteins and amino acids. The peel will be massaged into the skin after the microneedling procedure. The treatment can be spicy but it will give you a great results. This is an amazing peel to combine with microneedling.