Membership Benefits

✔️ Discounted Monthly Facials

✔️ 10% off retail products

✔️ Facials can be upgraded to advanced skin treatments with discounted pricing (OXYGEN RX, DERMA DETOX, MICRONEEDLING)

✔️ Discounted additional services including Lash Lifts

✔️ Membership Stamp Card - surprise after 6 stamps!

Membership Fine Prints

✔️ In purchasing a monthly skin membership, you agree to a recurring payment, every 30 days from the date of initial purchase of the same cost for a minimum of 6 months.

✔️ 6 months commitment is required. If you decide to cancel prior to your 6th payment, you must repay any perks and discounts you may have used within the membership period.

✔️ Your purchase on our online store during your membership period will receive 10% discount (you will receive a unique discount code for you to use your product purchases and the code should not be shared with others)

✔️ Membership and perks are non-transferable and have no cash value.

✔️ Memberships will automatically end after 6 months. You may restart your membership after 6 months if you choose at the same rate.

✔️ 10% product discount can not be combined with any other promotion or gift certificate.

Membership Options

You can choose SIXTY or NINETY. All prices are subejct to GST.


One facial is a treat, a series is a treatment

Membership FAQ

How do I know which membership is right for me?

Our membership options are very simple! You can simply choose 60 mins or 90 mins facial length and everything can be customized to you. It really depends on how much you want to set aside for yourself each month.

What is the minimum membership commitment?

We ask for six month commitment for membership.

If I don't make it for a monthly facial, what would happen to my credit?

The credit can be rolled over to the next month and you can definitely have 2 facials a month. You will not lose a credit, but we would definitely suggest you to schedule you every month without any huge gap in schedule.

Can I share my membership with family or friends?

No, membership is absolutely not sharable or transferable. We would suggest you to set aside 60 mins or 90 mins just for yourself. Skin health requires a commitment and you need facials every month along with great homecare routine if you want to treat any skin concerns, or if you want to prevent any imperfections. I know our current society values "instant gratification" but skin health takes time and commitment. Also slow and steady wins the race at the end.

When & How do I get billed?

You will be billed every month on your credit card automatically once you sign up your membership on my booking platform. You have a choice to pay your membership by cash, but in that case we need your credit card information on file in case your were not compliant with the commitment.