Meet Marie

Marie is an advanced facialist, lash lift artist, and clinical secretary.

Since she was at young age, she has dealt with atopic dermatitis, eczema and acne. She is passionate in finding the root causes of skin problems as her focus is holistic health. Since she started using medical grade skincare and made changes in her lifestyle, her skin has gotten so much better so she wants her clients to experience the same. Right now she is studying to become an acne specialist with MBK esthetics. In the future, she wants to pursue her passion in oncology esthetics, holistic nutrition, and animal rescue (especially cat rescue).

On her day offs or vacation, she enjoys cycling, playing guitar, and cuddling with her cat. She loves spending time with her family.

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Results & Relaxation & Comfort

At FBM, we do focus on results, but most importantly we want to create a safe space for our clients to relax, and unwind.

We also believe that best results will be achieved when clients and a facialist work together with great pharmaceutical grade skincare & professional facial treatments completely customized to client's skin. We believe in continuous care is very important, so membership program is also available for our clients to work on, achieve, and maintain the results.

We are passionate in helping you rebuild your confidence and make clients feel great about themselves. Our ultimate goal is to give clients healthy skin and lashes that they are comfotable to be in.


Marie is fully certified and insured with the treatments she is providing. Currently BC's esthetic industry is not regulated, so you need to be careful choosing the right technician. You want to choose someone who is 1. properly trained & certified, 2. using professional grade products, 3. willing to invest into business to upgrade service quality constantly. Also, please make sure that the studio has strict disinfection & sterilization protocols in place.