• FBM SIXTY $125

    Completely customized to your skin each and every time! Each facial includes a skin analysis, double cleanse w/o steam, extractions, serums, and finishing products.

    Your treatment also may include different modalities. Please check the section below.You don’t have to worry about paying for add-ons. Everything is customized!! You’ll get what you need for your skin within the 60 mins timeframe.

  • FBM NINETY $165

    Completely customized to your skin each and every time! Each facial includes a skin analysis, double cleanse w/o steam, extractions, serums, and finishing products.

    Your treatment also may include different modalities. Please check the section below. This is 90 mins treatment so there is additional time for modalities to perform. You don’t need to worry about paying for add-ons. You’ll get what you need for your skin within the 90 mins timeframe.

Modalities We Perform

Please remember, I can only perform certain modalities within the allotted timeframe. If you have something interested in mind, please let me know ahead. If modalities are contraindicated to your skin, I will not be performing. If there are too many I am not able to perform all or you need to book 90 mins. I charge by time, so if you would like to enjoy more modalities, you need to book 90 mins.



Dermaplaning is a safe procedure using 10R blade and scalpel to gently getting rid of 2-3 weeks worth of dead skin cells and peach fuzz. It is safe for all skin types & colours! Topical skin care and active ingredients penetrate deeper and lighten superficial pigmentations. Can be combined with other modalities and your make up goes on your skin smoothly after the treatment.

Cannot be performed if you have: active acne, extremely sensitive skin, or have other contraindications

Cannot combine with: Carboxy Therapy

Nano Infusion

Nano Infusion

Nano needling is a skin rejuvenation treatment using a sterile nano needle cartridge to create controlled nano channels in skin which triggers healing response and stimulate collagen production and infuse active ingredients deeper into epidermis. No downtime, no pain. We either infuse Glymed/Circadia serum cocktail or esthemax ampoule for the maximum results!

Cannot be performed if you have: active acne, extremely sensitive skin, or have other contraindications

Extraction Ultrasonic Facial

Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing

This treatment will give you a deep pore cleansing by taking out all the toxins and remove dead skin cells while the 32khz micro vibration on the tip of the device (which vibrates 32,000/second) stimulate layers of your skin. This Ultrasonic machine is stronger and more effective in removing dead skin cells and sebaceous filaments than most of the ultrasonic machines & spatulas on the market (28khz). This treatment is amazing for anyone who can't have dermaplaning + needs extra deep pore cleansing.

The ultrasonic machine can be used to infuse the ampoule in to the skin and it will increase blood circulation and brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

Facial Vacuuming

Facial Vacuuming

Facial Vacuuming is one of the extraction techniques. A vacuum sucks out the excess oil, debris, and other gunks collected in your pores. Also it works like a facial cupping - stimulating lymphatic circulation. This will effectively removes congestions without trauma from your skin. It is important to see someone how to utilize this machine as it can cause bruising and micro tears. It is important to get your skin professionally deep cleansed and don't use a pore strip - it causes skin damage.

KrX Carboxy Therapy

Carboxy Therapy

Carboxy Therapy is proven to reduce dullness, increase circulation, and improve skin texture. It works by administering a topical Carbon Dioxide gel onto the skin and trapping it with included mask. This will then create what is known as the Bohr effect; a sudden release of oxygen within the skin's tissue to compensate for oxygen loss. This results in increasing circulation, tissue regeneration, and creating an inhospitable environment for acne.

Cannot be combined with: Dermaplaning, Chemical Peels

Can be combined with: Nano Infusion, Microneedling

Light Chemical Peels

Light Chemical Peels

We have Chemical Peels available such as Oxygen Peel, Peptide Peel, Pumpkin Peel, Alpha-Beta Peel, and Lactic Peel. I only offer no-downtime chemical peels during facials. It is completely normal if your skin doesn't peel at all and it doesn't mean it was not effective. It's still very effective in clearing up pores, reducing acne, and lighten the pigmentations. If you think of this as "slightly deeper exfoliation" than your regular skincare exfoliation, it does make more sense. These peels are SUMMER SAFE.

Can be combined with: Dermaplaning, Nano Infusion, Carboxy Therapy (Depends on your skin type)

LED light therapy

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive procedure that activates skin cells with non-thermal light energy. LED Light Therapy converts light energy to metabolic energy, boosting energy to the cells and accelerating healing. It is amazing to treat redness, acne, rough texture, wound etc. The light doesn't contain UV rays, so it is safe for your skin. We are using traditional omega PDT LED Light Therapy from Korea includes Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow lights.

Cannot be performed if you are/have: pregnant/breastfeeding, heart conditions etc

High Frequency Therapy

High Frequency Therapy

High frequency increases oxygen to the skin, improving the overall texture, tone, and glow. All of this promotes collagen stimulation and elastin production, providing a firmer and more youthful appearance. It kills P. acne bacteria, stimulates circulation and aids in detoxification, contracts blood vessels minimizing red inflamed skin. We use NuDerma medical medical grade device.

Cannot be performed if you are/have: pregnant/breastfeeding, heart conditions etc

Hydrojelly Masks

Hydrojelly Masks

HYDROJELLY™ Mask provides multiple benefits to your skin such as Hydrating, Smoothing, Moisture Retention, cleansing, exfoliating, conditioning skin, toning and reducing inflammation. All hydrojelly masks made with refined alginate and contain a higher concentration of alginate than most rubber masks do, and the vacuum seal effect of the mask helps penetrate active ingredients deeper into the skin.

Gua Sha & Ice Globe Massage

Gua Sha & Ice Globe & Hand Facial Massage

Using Ice Globes, Gua Sha & Hand Massage to enhance the facial experience. Ice Globe is a form of cryotherapy to help blood vessels to constrict to reduce the appearance of redness and helps with ance, inflammation, and swelling. Gua Sha stmulates the blood circulation, reduces swelling, and massaging motions push the fluid trapped into your cells toward your lympth nodes.

Argireline Contouring Mask

Contouring Mask

This contouring mask is vital when treating sagged, dull, wrinkled skin holistically. The mask affects the nerve-to-muscle communication so the muscle contractions do not deepen expression wrinkles. Along with the skin smoothing effects, Argireline improves moisture levels in the skin.

Clinical Facials FAQ

I don't know what to book. Could you make any recommendation?

My facial is structured very straightforward. All you need is to ask yourself if you want 60 minutes or 90 mins facials! Everything is completely customized to your skin and different modalities, tools, and products are picked for each client. If you have certain modalities that you are interested in, please let me know so that I will check if that's suitable for your skin.

How do you decide which modalities to use on my skin?

I will do a thorough skin analysis based on the information on the confidential intake form and wood's lamp. I will look at your skin, touch and ask you questions to make sure what is contraindicated and what would help your skin and pick modalities that will benefit your skin.

I got breakouts after a facial, is this normal?

Purging is quite normal after a facial as facial treatment can accelerate your cellular turnover and the congestions will come to the surface. It is highly recommended for you to use the medical grade skincare to further properly cleanse, exfoliate, treat and protect your skin to minimize the purging activity and maintain your results after the facial.

How often should I book a facial?

It is recommended to receive a facial every 4-6 weeks consistently for your maintenance. If you want to treat your specific skin concerns, you might need to come in every 2 weeks until the condition gets under control (such as severe grade 3-4 acne, hyperpigmentation, redness)

Should I follow your homecare recommendation?

As this is not something that I would push you at all, but I do recommend everyone to be on good medical grade skincare to treat and maintain your results. Many research and studies are conducted and there are proven results. Many of my clients are on medical grade skincare and I see better results for those who are on than the others. Skincare products are something that you put on your skin TWICE a day, so it should be taken seriously.