Homecare, Homecare...Importance of homecare!

Homecare, Homecare...Importance of homecare!

Homecare, homecare, homecare...

I know some of you might think, okay this person just try to sell retail products and make money.

And I'm with you. I don't want anyone to feel pressured in any way. However, I NEED to emphasize the IMPORTANCE of homecare. Otherwise, I am like a dentist who doesn't care if you are brushing your teeth or not. 

Honestly, it is so much easier for me not to have retail products available on hand due to the cost, and with the uncertainty of not knowing if those products gonna sell out (because at the end of the day, if I don't make money I can't continue what I am doing today. Sad but the harsh truth...). But I still DO carry them, and I am not going to stop carrying them. Why? Because my retail work amazing and help so many people's skin. I will preach all my clients how good those are, and I will use during treatments, and I will give samples out if clients are on budget or still on the fence. 

Also hey, if my precious client ask me "which cleanser you would recommend?" and if I say, "oh you can just use cetaphil or whatever..."

What am I doing? I'm not helping the client. You paid for my service, and that also includes my skincare coaching and my professional advice on how to maintain or improve skin conditions throughout homecare (which will be cost-effective comparing to getting just bunch of treatments often while using horrible homecare and burn cash)

All the medical-grade skincare especially GLYMED PLUS (my absolute favorite No.1 brand) contains antioxidants in all the products (yes, all) and the formulation is amazing. FDA approved, 99% pure active ingredients, cruelty-free, and concentrated formulation that lasts long. My acne prone skin has changed drastically. You can refer to Instagram reel "My Acne Journey"

There are so many clients who are on THE ORDINARY, and I'm not a fan. I'm sorry but do you notice each bottle name just mentions a single ingredient like ..% lactic acid. It is very confusing for clients which ones to combine and use together, and often clients use too much actives together and compromise their skin barrier. Formulation is not good, and ingredients are cheap. Yes, that's why those bottles are cheap. As someone who knows the world of skincare chemistry, I would say the FORMULATION is 100%. If the formulation is not great, active ingredients do not work effectively. 

Skincare steps can be overwhelming and often times you are not sure what you REALLY need. Tyrosinase Inhibitors? Retinol? AHA? BHA? What would be the ideal strength? What is the correct steps? How long should I cleanse? Do I need double cleanse? Is it normal my skin is irritated? Why do I flake? etcetera etcetera...

Your 80% of results come from homecare, and 20% come from facial treatments. It makes a huge difference because those products you will use TWICE a day. Everyday. Facial treatments will help those products to work 100 times better. You really don't need 10-steps skincare...your skin can get so much better with just simple 4,5 steps skincare. 

Also, preventative costs WAY less than corrective. It is important to take care of your skin before those fine lines to show up. It is important to use sunscreen EVERYDAY, so that you don't have to deal with those hyperpigmentation later on in your life.  

If you have specific skin goals that you want to achieve, and if you are on the budget, invest in your homecare products instead of facial treatments! And I'm happy to help you. 

If you are interested in products, here is the link

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