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"The best foundation you can wear is glowy healthy skin"

Facial Bar By M was founded by Marie, specializing in corrective skincare & lash lifts. So what is corrective skincare? Most of the spas offer facials which are more gearing towards relaxation. However, we want to give you the results that you can see. If you are suffering from acne, hyperpigmentation, aging, fine lines, wrinkles, rosacea...we want to provide guidance and proper treatment plans to reach your skin goals while we still provide that relaxation time during the facial or treatment procedure. The time that you feel comfortable in the warm bed. The time that you can discuss about what you are facing in your life. The time you get scalp, shoulder massage and jade hair comb treatment, and the time that you get cooling ice globe massage...

We definitely don't want to provide medical clinic vibe.

We want you to relax while getting any treatments or procedure. 


Here is a little backstory of the founder...

Marie is an advanced facialist, lash lift artist, and clinical secretary.

Since she was at young age, she has dealt with atopic dermatitis, eczema and acne. Atopic dermatitis was a tough one, but specialty derm in Tokyo was able to treat it successfully but it was a long journey. In 2012, she came to Vancouver, Canada for studying when she was 18 years old (freshly out of high school) and at that time she didn't have any skin issues. After a while, she started developing skin oiliness, comedones, blackheads...and hormonal acne. College life was very stressful for her (also she had a father fighting with thymus gland cancer at that time) and it was just overall mentally draining studying while dealing with thyroid issues, anxiety issues (yes, she is a skin picker), financial issues etc.

After graduating college, she started working at the spa as a receptionist & front management in downtown upscale spa and had more access to professional grade skincare products and skincare education. However, those products were organic (she was allergic to some ingredients and couldn't use) and was not super results-driven (more fore relaxation) and she wanted to explore more professional effective products and facial treatments.

She went to medical spa, home-based spa...and she found out she didn't enjoy the medical spa treatments at all although some of them were quite effective. That bright fluorescent light, a cold bed without blanket...  After seeing some estheticians for different skin treatments and using Glymed Plus skincare products (from my favorite home-based esty), her skin started to improve. Now that she has experienced the whole skin transformation and has been successfully managing the chronic acne condition, she wants to help others too. This is where she grew a passion for skin treatments.

She is passionate in finding the root causes of skin problems as her focus is holistic health. Since she started using medical grade skincare and made changes in her lifestyle, her skin has gotten so much better so she wants her clients to experience the same. Right now she is studying to become an acne specialist with MBK esthetics. In the future, she wants to pursue her passion in oncology esthetics, holistic nutrition, and animal rescue (especially cat rescue).

She has chosen several medical grade skincare lines which are: Glymed Plus, Circadia, KRX esthetics and Omelon. These are companies from US and Korea which she believes the best skincare companies in the market that provide the best results. Those products contain higher percentage of active ingredients, 99% pure, full of antioxidants, and clinically proven to provide results!

2023 has been a bit tough year for her since she was diagnosed as a borderline type 2 diabetic, in addition to having hypothyroidism. Having both full time occupation and running a business while dealing with the issues has never been easy for her, but she admits that it is very rewarding to see her clients achieving their skin goals. Although it was quite depressing for her to face the chronic disease diagnosis, she believes that she is able to help more people facing these issues from her own experience with alternating her lifestyle, diet, skincare and so on. She is super passionate in helping clients to reach their skin goals and be confident in their own skin and lashes.


Also, FBM is passionate in providing exceptional lash lifting service (this is Marie's favourite procedure to receive). We use the best product in the market which is Oshare Keratin Aroma Lash Lift System. It is thioglycolic acid free (gentle), sodium bromate free (carcinogen free), fast processing, and gives you comfortable procedure time with aroma ingredients. Black clinic tint system gives you dark lashes with full of moisture and treatments to add more keratin, hydration, and to remove alkaline ingredients. Warming system provides more fast-processing of lash lift, and clients usually fall asleep because it is so warm and comfortable. 

FBM has membership program that provides clients with continuous care with most affordable pricing with different perks. With membership, we would love to create the positive community with our clients and to provide our knowledge and support as much as we can. Some clients was venting to us that they started to see this skin issues (such as acne, fine line, wrinkles) suddenly when they first saw me, but usually those problems root causes already started forming long before the problems show up on your skin. Your skin is the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, it is important to manage your skin through good skincare and facial treatments even if you THINK you don't have any problem. Also it is very nice to have self-care time each month for your well-being.

We love our community, products, and our clients and we appreciate your support so much.



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